"I wanna thank Ahries for coaching me throughout my 12 weeks of prep. He gave me a solid workout plan and also a meal plan that was easy to follow. During the middle of my prep, I already seen progress that motivated me to keep on going. Happy to say after following this plan, my body has been feeling healthier than ever and also I am at the best shape of my life. Can't thank ahries enough for changing my life." - Richie 

"Being one of Ahries' first clients to personally train was a pleasure. I started noticing that my body was changing, but not in my favor. I was new & inexperienced when it came to fitness so I confided in Ahries. I've always been a self conscious person, & for me to expose my body to Ahries was difficult, but he made me feel comfortable/confident that I will reach my fitness goals. Ahries taught me patience is key and there is always room to grow. The program was a lot of sweat & tears, but I'm happy that I was introduced to this fit lifestyle that I have grown to love. I am currently being trained by Ahries once again & I'm nothing but proud to see not only how far I've come, but also him! As his friend and client, it's heart warming to see all his clients succeeding." - Jayzeanne

"The biggest mistake I made after my first show was not following my reverse diet which made me gain more than when I first started. Luckily, I had Ahries to help get me back on track & within the first two week I saw big results. I wanted him to continue coaching me for my second show, but at the time he was doubtful because he's never prepped anyone for a show & told me it'd be safer to stick with my old coach. As his girlfriend & client, I wanted to show him that he was more than capable of prepping me or anyone else for a show — so right when I was 12 weeks out, I followed the first meal plan he gave me & told him he had no choice but to coach me :) At my show, I won 1st in bikini noivice & open short, recieved my pro card & won best posing amongst all female competitors. It's safe to say that he's helped me get to my best self physically, mentally & spiritually, but it's also safe to say that he can do the same for other people & change their lives. Ahries is an amazing person all around, & as long as you listen to him when he coaches, you will for sure get the results!" - Camille

"I worked out by myself about 5x a week, yet I didn’t see much of a difference as I was doing what I know and what I seen. In just a time span of 3 years of doing my own thing in the gym, I had gained minimal strength, few cuts here and there, soreness/pain in numerous parts of my body and remained nowhere close to where I wanted to be.. I obviously needed guidance because I wasn’t working hard enough and my body told me otherwise after each sess I did.. I felt like I needed my team and my coach back from high school but that wouldn’t happen anytime soon..
      However, an old teammate of mine from basketball, Dustin, became a personal trainer at my gym. His vision and mentality that he would bring on the floor whether it's him lifting by himself or training his clients inspired me to be passionate about what hard work should be like. I reached out to Dustin for guidance in getting shredded as well as working out different parts of my body the proper way. Dustin without a doubt humbly took me under his wing and help guide me along the way.
We did countless sessions together in the gym and each session would come more confidence in myself. I felt better of myself working out the right way while being coached and mentored to being the best that I can be when training. Dustin also educated me in nutrition and helped me get my macros down to supply by body with its needs. I knew nothing about what my macros should look like from food, but Dustin taught me what my proteins, carbs, and fats should look like to satisfy myself from lifting. 
     Today, I’m way stronger than I ever was in the past. I’m more knowledgeable about different workouts to execute with each muscle of my body and satisfy it’s needs with proper nutrition. I lift with confidence,passion, and respect the grind to what I’m capable of doing. All of this work being done and I’m forever thankful for all that Dustin does for me. I speak of this as not only a testimony about what I have experience throughout being in and out of the temple with Dustin’s guidance, but also how much of a brother he’s been to me in life. This brotherhood he shares with me and everyone since day 1 brings us together and that is what created VP." - JC

"2016 was definitely a tough year for me with many medical setbacks earlier in the year. January of 2016, I underwent a bilateral breast lumpectomy after months of previously dealing with it.. This part of my life took away a part of myself, my faith and my strength every day. This was definitely more than just gaining weight and not feeling comfortable with myself anymore. Months after my lumpectomy, I constantly felt insecure and often found myself comparing every aspect of my body to others.

    September 2016 is when I decided to get a gym membership because I told myself if I had to pay for this then I would have every reason to utilize it. My main focus to begin with was to lose weight. I expected fast and drastic changes upon going to the gym constantly. I believed that cardio was the best way to lose weight. For many months of sticking to this main workout routine, I did not see any of the results or changes I was hoping for. At this point, I was searching for other options and found many inquiries and success stories with Visionary Performance. I began my 12 week journey on April 17, 2017 under Dustin Chau’s coaching. My goal is to tone up all around and enhance the glutes. I chose Dustin as my coach because not only did I see raw and concrete progress of his work, but because he was comfortable to talk to into learning more about what he had to offer me throughout this journey. Dustin knew exactly how to cater to my set goal and concerns which only made me believe in his program and himself that much more. Dustin also pushes me beyond my own limits because he believes in my that much. I have aways stayed away from any chest workouts due to my surgery and was just afraid to acknowledge any aspect of it. However, even though Dustin knew I was afraid, he still pushed me to try it out and see how it goes. Today, chest workouts are one of my favorites and the strength I have for it is something I never thought I would have. It only took one person to believe in me. This person is also someone who did not know me or my history, yet had so much faith in me that I never had. Even though many could see the pros and cons of an online coaching program as opposed to in person, I only saw the positive aspects because he always made sure to check in on me even when I would forget to do so myself. Communication and trust behind a screen are huge factors in our program. We communicate almost every day and I give him my 100% trust while he is giving me his 110%.

   This journey and experience has taught me so much even though I am only halfway through with the process. It is beyond reaching certain numbers or measuring how different scales of strength. To me, it has definitely shaped me into a better version of myself. Dustin and his coaching has taught me the real value of fitness. It can’t just be physical. You need to grow a sense of dedication and create the proper mindset to get you through it. Over the past six weeks so far, I have realized that my mindset and mentality is so different. I make sure that even on my busiest days, I still find time to get in my workouts even if it is at 1 am. I find time to meal prep even if that is at 2 am. Dedication and hard work definitely pays off in my opinion because I have seen progress over all physically and mentally. I have lost 8 pounds since I began and my body is slowly, but surely shaping up to how I want it. Now, I feel confident in myself emotionally and physically and this is something I will always be grateful for towards my coach. This is only the beginning of my journey with Dustin because there will always be room for improvement and we will always strive to be better." - Jessica